Leisure time in Halinówka!

That's the perfect place for mountain or ski excursion.

It is the place of nature enthusiast's dreams, ideal for people who seek for a moment of relaxation from everyday life and cities' traffic noise. Families with children are bound to find Halinówka an excellent place to relax. Which is far away from main roads, in a picturesque meadow surrounded by forest and our pride: the environmental-friendly raspberry plantation.

Relax in the Owl Mountains, in a new fully-equipped cosy chalet, which is set in the heart of the oldest mountain range in Europe. You are welcome to admire the view of the surroundings including Great Owl, the highest peak in the Owl Mountains.

Rościszów is a beautiful mountainous village, its location allows you to spend your free-time in many various ways, starting with intensive sightseeing environs to cycling or hiking in the mountains. In the neighborhood there are some worth-visiting cities towns, such as; Wrocław, Świdnica, Dzierżoniów i Kudowa, all of which withhold mysteries and worth-knowing stories. Thus, feel free add them to your must-see list.

By the by you will find yourselves on the route to the Czech Republic (30km in straight line), and then you are just a step away from Prague.


We invite you to Halinówka!


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