We would like to offer you independent and equipped flat in a chalet, in which there is place for four or six people according to customers' needs. The flat is new and there are two rooms with a beautiful view of the mountains, cosy fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom at your disposal.


Exceptional locus of Halinówka makes it a perfect place, surrounded with forests and the environmental-friendly raspberry plantation, in the very heart of the Owl Mountains, to relax for everybody. Attractive locations allows you to visit many interesting places in the region, all that within a short drive range. Halinówka is an ideal place for short walks in the neighborhood or longer hikes for example you can take a nearby route leading to Great Owl, which you also can admire from our windows.

For all those who cannot get by without the internet there is Wi-Fi easily accessible for guests. However, we obviously encourage to use access to nature.

Local climate, a sausage by the bonfire will make you feel at home and allow you to spend time comfortably with your family or friends.

It is possible to put up a tent in the area as a way of entertainment for kids as well as to gain additional space for your friends. Feel free to make a campfire or even a bonfire alternatively you can use grill.




Ecological raspberry plantation.

In the homestead there is the environmental-friendly raspberry plantation, you can taste the flavor of healthy products prepared of these raspberries.

Juices, jams and dried raspberries are not only a delicious snack but also a source of vitamins. Calefacency of raspberry products will be especially appreciated by those who have ever suffered from being frozen to the bone. As nothing else warms you up as sweetly as raspberry juice from Halinówka.

You can purchase all our products on the spot or order them online. All product are made of raspberries grown correspondingly to ecological farming directives.

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