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If you want to know the area you should get on the top of Great Owl, where is a watchtower, built in 1906, from which you can admire the beauty of the Owl Mountains. The tower is located on 1000 meters above sea level, therefore, it is a perfect place to discover numerous attractions in the area. Great Owl is a must-see and a great place to start a longer hike.

For a car or bike ride full of picturesque landscapes and history relics we suggest:


Mysterious ''Der Riese'' which according to unfinished plans from the WWII was supposed to be an underground headquarters for Adolf Hitler. ''Der Riese'' still raises universal interest due to panache of building process and still undiscovered final purpose of the complex. Hidden in the Owl Mountains galleries are an extraordinary experience for everyone, even a tripple one as there are three such objects; ''Underground Factrories Walim'', ''Underground Twon Osówka'' and ''Complex Włodarz''. All of which keep their secrets and present them in unique ways.


The Museums of Mining in Nowa Huta, where you can take a ride on the first underground train in Poland. The one-hour long tour of mine workings, where is steady temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, is quite dangerous that is why it is a guided tour and safety equipment, such as helmets and torches, is required.


The Stronghold in Srebrna Góra is a unique place in Europe, a never-captured fortress which history dates back to year 1764. Sightseeing of the Stronghold is an opportunity to have fun or an adventure. Besides, various games and a visit to a pottery workshop you can also witness a cannon shot.


Książ is the third biggest castle in Poland. It consists of 400 chambers and is hauntingly beautiful site. Nowadays it is mainly known for an annual florists' exhibition, which gathers exhibitioners from many countries. An interesting fact about the castle is that its owners changed multiple times throughout its existence, which not only had an impact on its history but also on the final appearance of the structure.


The Dam in Zagórze Śląskie is a 44 meter-high construction across the Bystrzyca river. The makes us familiar with human will and developed techniques to control the element of water.
Nearby we can find Grodno Castle, which is a fascinating fact for big and small tourists, it was built in 1292 in order to protect main trade routes in its surrounding. The site is available for sightseeing, which makes it yet another historical attraction in the area.


The Church of Peace is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beautifully decorated wooden structure was built without any metal or bricks. A place of annual Bach's Festival concerts.


The cycling trail which connects the Jugowska pass with the Sokola pass.

Besides that you will find many other attraction in the neighboring localities.

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